The latest news on our School Choir.

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“The only thing better than singing is more singing!” Ella Fitzgerald

With a membership of 54 -very vocal- Primary Six and Seven pupils Greenisland Primary School ‘hit the ground running’ this year.

GPS choir members began the school term, fine tuning, their vocal chords and being harangued by Mr. Lovell in how not to stand like the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame.’ After many boot camp like practices, the choir were in shape for their first performance of the term.

In October, GPS celebrated autumn with a Harvest Assembly. The choir comically sang a light hearted song about ‘the Fish that got Away’ and a more conservative song, ‘Harvest Time’, in front of their fellow pupils. Check out the clip! We apologise in advance for the actions of Peter McCartney (the Choir’s very own ‘Happy Feet’ member!)

After a much needed break at half term, the Choir accelerated into action in preparation for ‘The Last Post Service’ on the 18th November. The service was in response to the Centenary of WW1. Greenisland Primary School in Collaboration with ‘Superact’ hosted the event. The Choir sang three popular songs from 1914. Each song highlighted a specific facet of WW1, from the upbeat and adventurous new recruit to the heartbroken family member experiencing the grief of loss. The Choir sang superbly at the event. Again check out the clips.

Currently GPS Choir is practising music chosen by the Choir Committee for the upcoming festive season.

Pupils can practice current Choir repertoire at our new ‘GPS Choir’ SoundCloud account.

Staff involved:

  • Mr. Lovell (Conductor)
  • Miss. Copes (Accompanist)

Upcoming Events:

  • Community Carol Service, 4th December at 7pm in Greenisland Community Centre
  • Whole School Carol Service, 18th December at 1pm in Greenisland Presbyterian Church

Please see the 'Choir' section for videos.